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Pick the right Chainsaw for you


The first question you should ask is, What kind of work do I need the saw for?

Our extensive saw programme includes models ranging from full-time professional saws to all-round and leisure or hobby saws.


Full-time professional use.

When power, performance and the highest level of efficiency are required our most advanced chainsaw range will deliver that and more. With features suited for long demanding shifts for full time loggers and arborists. The XP chainsaws are equipeed with all the latest features, to maximise the performance in every situation. The Air injection keeps the engine clean, Low Vib technology reduces vibrations and AutoTune ensures the engine runs optimally in all weather conditions altitudes and on different fuel qualities.

(3120XP, 395XP, 390XP, 576XP, 372XP, 560XP, 550XP)


Periodical professional use.

Powerful, robust and ideal for commercial skilled users like contractors and municipality works. Our range of professional power chainsaws are packed with performance features that are designed and developed for periodically intense use.

(455, 460 & 365)


All round use.

Easy to start and easy to manoeuvre, ideal for those who cut less regurlary. Designed to handle a multitude of cutting tasks making them ideal for pruning, felling and cutting firewood.

(450e, 455e, 440e, 435)


Occasional use.

The 135 chainsaw delivers excellent cutting performance, is easy to start and comes with features that make your operation comfortable and flexible. Ideal for light cutting work including smaller trees and firewood.