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Kids Bikes Buyers Guide

There are a few things to be aware of when buying bikes for children. Making sure that the little ones enjoy their first experiences helps to set them up for a lifetime of active living.

Choosing a Bike

It can be confusing looking at children's bikes as of course children vary in size much more than adults! Because of this, children's bikes are split into sizes based upon the size of the wheels, from 12 inches to 26 inches (but 26 inches is a standard size for adult mountain bikes).

It's important to pick a bike that will be the right size for your child, as one that's too large can be uncomfortable and difficult for them to ride. Of course, if your child is between sizes, it's sensible to pick the larger one, but forcing them onto a bike that is too big might mean that they won't enjoy it.

But Won't That Be Expensive?

We know that smaller sizes are going to be grown out of more quickly, and that's one of the reasons why they tend to be a bit simpler in terms of features, also you can talk to one of our staff about trading in your old bike, that way you can save on your new one, or check out some of the good second hand bikes we have to offer in store.

Getting the right size

The best way to find the right size child's bike is to get the child on the bike! If you can, pop in store and try them out. You're looking for a bike where your child can put their toes on the floor when on the saddle and gives enough room for them to stand over the top tube when they're not. It's also good to look at them from the side, to see if the bike is long enough for them. Children tend to ride in a more upright position, but if they're squashed onto a short bike then it can be unstable and uncomfortable.

Of course, sitting your child on a bike might spoil the surprise if it's going to be a gift! We've included a size guide below, so you can sneakily measure your child's height to get some idea of what might be a good size.




Wheel Size

1-4 yrs


Balance Bikes




3-5 yrs



5-7 yrs



6-8 yrs



7-9 yrs






11+ yrs




Still unsure about what size?

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