Moynehall Retail Park, Cavan, Ireland, H12 Y7H1

+353 49 433 2166

Website Guide

Using the Home Page

At the top of the page you have your search bar. This can be used to search for a particular product on the website.

Beside the search bar there are the Home, Shop Online, Login and Cart Buttons.

On the top left of the website is the our Clarkes of Cavan name, address and phone number.

    • To return home at any stage click “Clarkes of Cavan”
    • Click the Call button on a mobile to call the shop
    • To see our location on a map click "Location"

Finding a Product

There are two ways to find the product you want.

  1. One is to use the search bar at the top of the website. If this doesn’t work use 2.
  2. Another way is to use the categories across the top, there are 8 categories across the top when you place mouse over a category a dropdown will appear showing you more subcategorys, allowing you to further refine what you are looking for, you can for example in the picture below place your mouse over cycling and a dropdown appears you can then click bikes or move your mouse across to the subcategories in bikes.

See the picture below this is what happens when you place your mouse over cycling and then bikes.

Be careful when you move your mouse outside the dropdown it will disappear.

Contact us Information

To contact us there is a call button at the top of the screen which can be used to directly call us from a mobile.

All our contact information is found when you click contact us at the bottom of the page.