A couple of Wet & Forget testimonials

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Published by Neil Brady on the 4 February 2020

Wet & Forget

We have a new special limited time offer on Wet & Forget 20 litres. They used to be €180 then €160 and for a limited time they are down to just €140. Don’t miss out on this offer as it won’t last forever.

Wet & Forget was developed over 30 years ago and is the most effective treatment for Mould, Lichen, Algae and Moss.

It is biodegradable and is the most safe and effective way to treat a surface without damaging the surface or yourself!

It’s non-caustic and with its natural PH it is safe for use around the home. With no aggressive chemicals like bleach its formulated with you in mind.

All you have to do is spray it on and walk away!

With its long-lasting effective formula there is no scrubbing or rinsing involved you let the elements do all the work!

But don’t just take our word for it read some of our reviews from customers who just can’t get enough of Wet & Forget!

“I was very sceptical when I ordered W&F to remove the algae on our patio. I had tried to clean them using bleach, scrubbing with metal brush, but nothing seemed to be removing it. I sprayed Wet and Forget on in the summer within the first week I started to see results! Now that some time has passed the patio is clean and nothing has grown back, and the surrounding plants are still alive. I strongly recommend this product to anyone to wants rid of algae it was super easy to use!” -Paul

“This stuff is incredible!!! I used to dread having to hand scrub our decking for summer. Then a friend told me they had bought this after seeing a neighbour using it. I applied it on a dry day, and within a few days you could see the difference. There isn’t a sign of any mould or mildew on the decking. I even did our doorstep area and it stays clean and nice looking. I am planning on buying more to do the roof, and some of the equipment I store outside. Really great stuff, I really recommend it” -Niamh