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Wet and Forget Rapid With Sniper Nozzle is a fast and convenient way to apply our product to effectively clean large outdoor areas. Simply click onto your hosepipe and it will automatically mix with the water allowing you to spray 200m2 in just 10 minutes, by using its fan nozzle.

Rapid's Sniper Nozzle will spray up to 8m high - beneficial for those tough to reach places.

Rapid Application 2L Auto Mix

  • Designed to cover large areas rapidly straight from your garden hose

  • Gently removes Mould Lichen and Algae contamination using the weather to do the work. Once clean results last up to a year and more.

  • Unique Sniper Nozzle mixes correct ratio to water regardless of your hose water pressure

  • No mixing required

  • Rapid application can spray 100 m2 in only 5 minutes

Wet & Forget Rapid is a Mould Lichen & Algae Remover!

Rapid is fast, just click on to your hosepipe and it will automatically mix with the water allowing you to spray 200m2 in just 10 minutes, by using its fan nozzle.

Treatment and prevention couldn’t be quicker and covers the same area as the blue Wet and Forget (5L)

This 2L bottle of Rapid Moss, Mould, Lichen and Algae Remover from Wet & Forget can cover up to 200 square metres and reach up to eight metres high, plus it features a sniper nozzle to help you target specific areas like your roof. Tackle unsightly mould, lichen and algae with this powerful solution, and leave your exteriors looking spick and span.

Spray it right – take the hard work out of cleaning with this easy-to-use solution. Spray up to eight metres high with the effective Sniper Nozzle, or use the Spray Nozzle to cover a large area in no time at all.

The perfect solution – it's so easy to use. Simply attach the Wet & Forget Rapid bottle to your hosepipe and it will automatically mix with the water, giving the exact dilution rate to treat moss, mould, lichen and algae.

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