Peg Perego John Deere Groundforce

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Children love the John Deere Ground Force because of its impressive size and its ability to carry large loads and parents love the excellence guaranteed by Peg Pérego. Its spacious trailer- included as standard - is a must for those who are serious about their play. The trailer is easy to attach and detach with the hook that makes opening and closing a breeze. The trailer has grooved tires so that your child can travel with ease even on uneven ground, with the 3 wood effect sideboards enclose the load and the open side making loading/unloading easy. A containment panel makes sure that objects do not full out when the vehicle is moving and the sealed base features non-slip decorations. The dashboard under the steering wheel houses an operational radio so you can keep an ear tuned to the farming forecast. John Deere Ground Force is a fantastic toy for those who love to farm! The seat can be adjusted to suit every driver and has two foldable armrests. If your child is cramped and doesn't want these you can fold them away at the side of the backrest. The footrests are large and stable, with the right one holding the accelerator pedal, which once released, becomes a brake that automatically and gently stops the vehicle. Your young farmer can select one of 3 gears, 1st, 2nd or reverse, but only when you decide they can as 2nd gear comes with a child lock to prevent use by children who are still learning to drive. The grooved wheels ensure good grip and the John Deere Ground Force can handle slopes of up to 10 degrees with ease. When playing gets serious there's the John Deere farm wagon (sold separately). You can attach it to the John Deere Ground Force to transport large loads, like a lamb or dog.

Features of the John Deere Ground Force

  • 3 gear electric tractor Toy

  • Max speed 7km/hr

  • Off-road ability

  • Battery and charger includes

  • Battery child locked

  • FM Radio

  • Accelerator and brake on the same pedal

  • Complete with trailer • Adjustable seat

  • Accommodates a child’s growth

  • 2 Speed forward + Reverse

  • 2 Driving-wheels

  • Slopes: 10%

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