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Clarkes of Cavan Team

Welcome to the Clarkes of Cavan meet the team page. We are a close-knit team who every day brings their experience, imagination, creativity, heart, and soul to the store. Ensuring that you, our customers’ needs are met.

All our staff go that extra mile to ensure our customers are confident about their product choice when shopping with us. We provide expert value and product knowledge to our customers that is second to none. Our customer’s happiness is our success.

Philip Treacy – General Manager

The Captain of Our ship, Philip joined the company over 20 years ago. In 1997 He started in Machinery Sales. He became General Manager in 2000. Considering the length of time Philip is with Our company, He has a wealth of experience and product knowledge to impart.

Office: 049 4332166


Emma Holland - Assistant Manager

Emma is a highly effective Assistant Manager, known for her leadership, problem-solving, and dedication to achieving results. She excels in driving productivity and creating a positive work environment. 

Store049 4332166

Martin Dowd – Sales Manager

Martin is the Sales Manager of our Groundcare/Agri department with over 20 years of experience, he has a wealth of knowledge in this area.

Mobile: 086 382 3721
Sales049 4332166


Darren Kenny - Sales Yard Manager

Darren joined us in 2006 in our Parts Department and progressed to our Sales team. His wealth of experience gives him an immense knowledge of the products we sell.

Mobile: 086 776 1198
Sales049 4332166


Adam Magee - Sales Development Manager

Adam is a fantastic addition to our Sales Team. He is an all-rounder with a keen interest in cycling and a passion for farm machinery. He is sure to deliver to your every need.

Mobile: 087 704 0119
Sales049 4332166


Gavin Clarke - Sales Specialist

Gavin has many years of experience in machinery and the farm contracting business. He has a massive array of information on farm machinery but also lawn and ground care also. 

Mobile: 086 103 4802
Sales: 049 4332166


Cian O'Reilly - Sales Specialist

Cian is a great part of our Sales team. Cian provides excellent customer service and he is always there to offer customers advice and expertise. He has a passion for groundcare and machinery.

Mobile: 083 131 5178
Store: 049 4332166



Neil Brady - Marketing Manager

Neil manages our Marketing Department. He has a BA (Hons) Degree in Creative Digital Media from TU Dublin Blanchardstown. He has a keen eye for detail and what seems to be a never-ending supply of creative ideas. He is a wonderful addition to our team.

Store049 4332166


Morgan Carroll-Kinsella - Marketing & Web Analyst

Morgan has a great passion for design and web development. He is in charge of getting our products onto our website, overseeing website analytics and for general marketing of our business. 

Store049 4332166


Leah Rudden - Marketing Assistant

Leah is an excellent addition to our team. Leah supports our Marketing team with managing our social media presence as well as assisting in website content and video creation.

Store: 049 4332166

Caroline Brady - Accounts

Expect a smile and some friendly banter from Caroline. Caroline manages our accounts at Clarkes of Cavan.

Accounts: 049 4332166


Sinead Sanders-O'Brien - Stores Administrator

Sinead is our Stores Administrator at Clarkes Of Cavan. She plays a crucial part in maintaining the efficient operations of the store's inventory and stock management. She collaborates closely with the store's sales team to ensure that products are readily available for customers and assists in fulfilling orders. Sinead's attention to detail, organizational skills, and dedication contributes to our store on a daily basis.

Store: 049 4332166


Kelsey McDonagh - Receptionist

Kelsey is an excellent addition to our team. Kelsey is the friendly voice of the store who is responsible for greeting visitors, answering phone calls and providing exceptional customer service.

Store: 049 4332166

Neill Green - Cycle Centre Supervisor

Neill not only supervises our Cycle Centre but he is a very skilled bike mechanic in our Cycle Centre. A gifted person with a Bicycle and a former car mechanic, Neill knows his way around bikes and a whole lot more. Neill is working on cars and bikes for over 20 years.

Mobile: 086 0591707
Cycle Centre: 049 4332166


Tom Maclaine - Cycle Centre Mechanic

Tom is one of our Cycle Centre technicians, he has many years experience in bike repairs & has a great knowledge of all things bikes. Tom is also Cytech accredited and fully trained in this environment.

Cycle Centre: 049 4332166


Charlie Gannon - Cycle Centre Sales/Mechanic

Charlie deals with Bike repairs and Toy assembly in our Kids Zone and Cycle Centre as well as kids toys sales. A very hard working individual who has a passion for all things cycling.

Cycle Centre: 049 4332166


Una Smith - Kids Zone Supervisor

Una plays a pivotal role in our Kids Zone department, serving as the main driving force behind the availability of top-notch toys in our store throughout the year. With an extensive background in both retail and customer service, Una brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Whether you have inquiries, need assistance, or seek guidance, don't hesitate to approach Una, as she is always ready to lend a helping hand.

Mobile: 086 836 6464
Kids Zone/Cycle Centre: 049 4332166


Cara Reilly - Kids Zone

Cara is a friendly addition to our team. Cara helps out with our Kids Zone department. You are sure to be greeted with a warm smile and an enthusiastic hello when Cara's around.

Kids Zone: 049 4332166


Elaine Farrelly - Kids Zone

Elaine brings a fresh perspective to our continuously expanding team, inserting passion and expertise into our Kids Zone.

Store: 049 433 2166


Killian Conaty - Retail Sales Manager

Killian is an enthusiastic addition to our team he is our Retail Sales Manager. Killian's knowledge makes him a very valuable member of the Clarkes of Cavan team.

Mobile: 086 176 0911
Store: 049 4332166


Aidan Cooke - Parts Team

Aidan is apart of our Parts Team, he became part of a small team from the first turn of the key over 20 years ago. Aidan's amount of knowledge and experience makes him a very valuable member of the Clarkes of Cavan team.

Mobile: (086) 250 7570
Store: 049 4332166


Eric Magee - Parts Team

Eric is part of our Parts team and you can always guarantee that he will be at the counter to greet customers with a friendly face. He has a keen interest in machinery and has a brilliant knowledge of all our parts and products.

Mobile: 086 059 1709
049 4332166


Imelda Gaffney - Parts Team

Imelda is part of our Parts team, and you can always guarantee friendly Customer Service. She has an excellent knowledge of all our parts and products.

Store049 4332166


George Wright - Parts Team

George is a great member of our Parts team, and you can always guarantee excellent Customer Service. He has fantastic knowledge of all our parts and products.

Store049 4332166


Kevin O' Reilly - Stores Assistant

Kevin has extensive knowledge of all our products and provides excellent customer service. He will always welcome you with a friendly smile.

Store049 4332166


Maria Higham - Stores Assistant

Maria is an excellent addition to our Stores team. Maria provides great customer service and is always there to help customers and staff.

Store049 4332166


Aine O' Reilly - Stores Assistant

Aine is a great addition to our team. Aine provides excellent customer service and she always goes the extra mile to help customers and staff.

Store049 4332166


Amy Byers - Stores Assistant

Amy is an excellent addition to our team. Amy provides great customer service and is always there to help customers and staff.

Store049 4332166


Josh O' Hagan - Stores Assistant

Josh is a member of our Stores team. Josh provides fantastic customer service, has an excellent work ethic and is a great addition to the team.

Store: 049 4332166


Mark Travers - Online/Warehouse Manager

Mark is a valuable addition to our team. He always has a friendly smile. Mark manages our Online Department and Warehouse. Mark handles your Online Orders on a daily basis.

​Mobile: 086 128 4692
Store: 049 4332166


Jamie Ainsworth - Warehouse Operative

Jamie is a member of our warehouse team. Jaime takes care of inbound deliveries, assembly and online orders. A hard worker and a great addition to the team.

Warehouse: 049 4332166


John Johnston - Warehouse Operative

A valuable addition to our team. John is a marvel in assembly, cleaning and repair. Thinks outside the box and is never afraid to tackle any task.

Warehouse: 049 4332166


Paddy McEntee - General Maintenance

Paddy is a great member of the team. Paddy is responsible for the upkeep of our store and also for assembly, cleaning and repair Paddy is the go to man.

Warehouse: 049 4332166


Christopher Morrow - Service Manager

Christopher has the demanding role of Service Co-Ordinator. His wealth of experience with spare parts coupled with his attention to detail makes him extremely popular with our customers.
Christopher is the main link between the customer and our Service Department.

Mobile: 086 783 7006 (out of office)
Service Department: 049 4365 289


Serena Kelly - Service Administrator

Serena handles Admin for our Service Department. She has an important role to play within the running of our busy service department.

Mobile: 086 011 9261
Service Department
049 436 5289


Robert Cooke - Head Service Technician

Robert is our Head Mechanic, his extensive knowledge and product training combined with a passion for machinery make Robert a crucial part of what we do.

Service: 049 4365 289


Gareth Lee - Service Technician

Gareth, our Groundcare Technician, has many years of experience in groundcare, service and repair. He is a valuable asset to the Service Department.

Service: 049 4365 289


Adam Fuller - Service Technician

Adam has a great passion and interest in machinery and has a brilliant knowledge of all parts and products.

Service: 049 4365 289


Martin Brady - Product Support

Started with us in 2018, bringing with him a knowledge and passion for service and repair.

PDI: 049 4332166


Mark Bohan - Product Support

Mark is a skilled mechanic that has tremendous knowledge of Agri, machinery and repair. 

PDI: 049 4332166


Barry Murphy - Product Support

Barry has a wealth of knowledge and a passion for service and repair.

PDI: 049 4332166


Evan Brady - Product Support

Evan has a great passion and interest in machinery construction and hands on assembly as well as a brilliant knowledge of our stock.

PDI: 049 4332166


Niall Mulvey - Product Support

Niall has a great passion and interest in machinery construction and hands on assembly as well as a brilliant knowledge of our stock.

PDI: 049 4332166


Christopher Kelly - Logistics

If it is a new lawnmower you are getting delivered or a used quad, chances are it will be Christopher to deliver it to your premises. Expect a smile and some friendly banter out of Christopher while he's there.

Logistics: 049 4332166


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